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Unsustainable food production threatens our ability to provide food to the population and can lead to irreversible damage to our environment. Vertical Farming, also known

Looking to reduce your food waste? Check out these 5 inspiring, effective, and FREE apps that can help you save the planet and reduce food

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) – which includes indoor agriculture and vertical farms – is a type of farming that controls various aspects of the environment

Boost your immune system

Possibly more than ever before we have all grown tired of seeing the inside of our houses. Being trapped inside through the Covid-19 pandemic has

Meal Prep

In the UK, we throw away £9.7 billion of food every year – that’s a staggering amount of food ending up in the bin! On

Winter Bugs

Foods to Fight Off Winter Bugs

Winter bug season is upon us, and lots of people are looking for natural ways to support their immune systems. What we eat can have


Most of us visit a supermarket weekly to buy the food we need for the coming days. It is easy to get into a routine,

Controlled Environment Agriculture

With less than a month to go before COP26, fears about the climate are more prevalent than ever. There is a lot of work to

Local Produce

When we go to the supermarket, the traffic light system helps us to understand how healthy foods are. Foods that are high in saturated fats,

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