install our VQe® MaxStrip in retail supermarkets above fresh produce displays to kill bacteria & mould, prolong shelf-life and reduce waste.

Fresher for longer.
less waste.

In retail trials, the placement of VQe MaxStrips in store display cases dramatically increased the shelf-life of fresh produce, with some products lasting 50% longer than untreated produce.

Our lights bars are simple to install discreetly into your fridges and will not interfere with store lighting or kelvin. VQe also reduces maintenance requirements as display cases are sterilised by our light formula, keeping them fresher and cleaner for longer.

In seafood trials, it was noted that VQe even eliminated odour from fresh fish displays and reduced the yellowing of ice, creating a more pleasant shopping environment for your customers and improving the presentation of produce.

Michigan Store Vitabeam





The meat department has a full day more of shelf-life on all our fresh cut meats.

Michigan Meat Department Manager

VQe MaxStrip Case Study

Retail Grocery Store
- Michigan

Less waste

Final results from the case study found a 29.15% decrease in fresh produce waste with a 50.85% reduction in waste for strawberries in particular.

Increased sales- Meat and Seafood

It was noted by the department manager that following the installation of the MaxStrip, above average revenue was generated from fish and meat due to improved presentation and product freshness.

I'm thrilled that the fish smell is gone and that when I get home I no longer smell fishy.

Michigan Meat department manager

VQe MaxStrip Case study

KTA Store
- Hawaii

Increased Shelf-Life

Berries lasted two days longer with an increase of berry sales and reduction in customer returns. Mould growth was also delayed across vegetables varieties.

less Waste and cleaner Fridges

During the trial, waste was reduced by 25-30%. Maintenance costs were also lowered due to VQe's sterilisation benefits.

We are very pleased to announce we achieved a 25-30% reduction in product shrinkage in our leafy greens and berries section and our seafood cases smell fresh.

KTA Store manager

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