Our VQe MaxStrips reduce the length of your grow cycle without compromising on yield or produce quality.

increase yield in indoor grows

Our VQe® MaxStrips can be easily integrated into CEA setups to significantly increase both the quality and yield of your crops. 

Vitabeam LED lightbars are slim and lightweight, making them an attractive addition to your operation. We have reduced the need for unsightly cables and hardware, meaning there is also minimised shadow on your produce. 

Our unique formula not only increases the rate of plant growth by stimulating natural processes, but also kills pathogens and mould on your crops, reducing the amount of waste and improving produce quality and health.

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Differentiate your Produce with VQe

Offer cleaner, safer and higher quality produce to your consumer without sacrificing yield.

Fast ROI

VQe tech reduces your energy inputs and increases your produce output, resulting in a strong ROI.

Clean Growing

Demand for clean food is greater than ever. Offer high quality, chemical-free produce with VQe.

Supercharge Yield

Increase the yield of your crop by up to 51% and drastically increase your revenue.

Longer Shelf-life

Provide fresher produce with a longer shelf life to retailers and customers.

Yield Increases in Horticulture Testing

Testing with our valued partners has demonstrated phenomenal yield increases in crops grown with our VQe MaxStrips. Want to know more about our trials and case studies? Get in touch!

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Red & Green Batvia

11.5% and 10.5% yield Increase retrospectively.

spinach, the earth, preparation-3368253.jpg

31.6% yield increase.

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up to 51% increase in yield and improved aroma.

Suitable for a range of crops

Our tech isn't just for leafy greens! VQe benefits a whole range of crops from fruits to flowers to vegetables.

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