Frequently Asked Questions

What is VQe®?

VQe stands for Vitabeam Quantum energy. A patented and world-first science, VQe is a unique cocktail of light wavelengths deployed via LED emitters. Our light energy stimulates plant growth and yield, kills pathogens, and extends the shelf-life of fresh produce resulting in up to 50% less fresh food waste.

What is a VQe® maxStrip?

Our VQe MaxStrip is a slim, lightweight, high-quality light bar that can be fitted into greenhouses and food displays quickly and easily. The VQe MaxStrip simultaneously kills bacteria and mould, and stimulates plant growth, resulting in higher yields, better quality produce, and an extended shelf-life of fresh foods.

What is a VQe® Steril Max?

For a more intense and higher bacterial log kill, the Steril Max is our most powerful product, destroying bacteria and other pathogens by combining VQe and UV. Our Steril Max is displayed in a tunnel, prioritising the safety of humans.

Can you install your lights indoors?

Yes. Our MaxStrips can be installed inside any greenhouse, indoor farm, or vertical farm alongside your current lighting system. 

are your lights safe for human exposure?

Our VQe MaxStrip is safe for human exposure as it only includes our VQe cocktail of light wavelengths. 

How will the VQe MaxStrip help my horticulture business?

The VQe MaxStrip stimulates plant photosynthesis and yield, increases nutrient uptake, and kills bacterial and mould pathogens. The MaxStrip will ensure your crops are maximised in yield, healthy, clean, and nutritious

How will the VQe Steril Max help my pre-packaging business?

The VQe Steril Max is our most powerful product using VQe and UV light wavelengths. The Steril Max Tunnel can be installed in produce pre-packaging whereby produce can travel down the Tunnel to rid of any pathogens, in seconds. This chemical-free process produces the cleanest, freshest food, extending the shelf-life of produce, thus reducing waste. 

How will the VQe MaxStrip help my fresh produce in retail stores?

The VQe MaxStrip was designed to fit into any display cabinet within fresh produce retail. Installed alongside your current lighting system, our VQe MaxStrip will kill mould and bacterial pathogens, thus extending the shelf-life by up to 50% and reducing fresh food waste. With an ROI between 6-9 months, the MaxStrip can bring great social, environmental, and economical benefits to your store.

I'm Sold! How can I buy your products?

Great! We’d love to help you get the best from your produce. Send us an email on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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