Platters of fresh fruit - pandemic food that ought to be pesticide-free

Pandemic Food Causing Major Health Problems

What a year it has been. Yesterday (23/3/21) marked 1 year since the first Coronavirus lockdown in the UK, and life has certainly changed for everyone. While the direct impact of the virus on people’s health has been obvious, sadly the pandemic has brought along other indirect ways of damaging our health. Not only has our mental health been under pressure due to being cut off from our support systems and having our lives restricted, but the pandemic also adversely affected many people’s physical health throughout the past year in ways we might not have expected, including side-effects of poor food choices. 

As our lifestyles changed due to the pandemic, our eating habits adapted too. Many people who were not used to cooking for themselves have relied on buying ready-meals they can heat up at home. This change in behaviour concerned many healthcare professionals, who are worried about the safety of this kind of food. Not only is it often packed with preservatives, but research has also shown that there can be high levels of pesticides in this food too. 

The presence of pesticides in food has been linked with many serious health conditions, including kidney disease, cancer and diabetes. In fact, the prevalence of diabetes among young people has spiked during the pandemic. The importance of a healthy diet full of safe, clean food is perhaps more important than ever before.

Another lesson the pandemic has taught us is that we need to be less reliant on food imported from abroad. Fundamentally, a sustainable food supply chain is one that can be fulfilled geographically. This means it is close to the consumer, reducing air miles, improving freshness, and supporting local, often smaller, businesses. This ideal food supply system can only be achieved by deploying technology that allows us to grow food in areas where it does not naturally grow. These new technologies, including vertical farming, will allow countries to become more self-sufficient, and allow new businesses to thrive. By incorporating Vitabeam’s technology into the food supply chain, this ideal, sustainable system becomes much more attainable.

The past year has shown us the value of health. Vitabeam has the technology to support a global food system that relies less on harmful pesticides. By using our patented and proven technology, we know we can keep fresh produce clean and safe by killing bacterial and mould pathogens without the need for chemicals. From the greenhouse to the consumer’s plate, Vitabeam’s technology can keep food chemical-free and pathogen-free.

We all are trying hard to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. It’s important to remember the impact of our diets on our wellbeing. Vitabeam wants to help everyone by making it easier to eat food full of nutrients, without a side of pesticides!

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