Retail Old

Our VQe technology has amazing capabilities that benefit retailers enormously. In retail trials, we have found that by placing VQe MaxStrips in display cabinets and cases containing fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, we can dramatically increase shelf-life of this fresh produce, meaning less is wasted and the produce is fresher and safer for the consumer.

Fresh produce that is treated with VQe energy also stays fresher for longer when the consumer takes it home because the bacteria and mould that cause food to go bad have been killed by the VQe. In a study by a top US microbiology lab, the Vitabeam VQe MaxStrip killed over 99% of E. coli on surfaces exposed to VQe from the MaxStrip for 12 hours.

In our retail trials, we showed that a retail supermarket could see a ROI within only 6 months!