Our Technology Old

Vitabeam’s technology uses VQe (Vitabeam Quantum energy) – a special “cocktail” of different wavelengths of light, the spectrum of which is broader than that found in any other grow lights. The intensities of these wavelengths are all safe for human exposure and VQe does not contain UV. This means that VQe can be used in places where humans will be exposed to it, such as in greenhouses where growers work, and in retail supermarkets where consumers and staff will be around it.

The principle piece of equipment we have developed that uses VQe only is the Vitabeam VQe MaxStrip. These slim, lightweight, high-quality light bars can be fitted into greenhouses and food displays and cabinets easily and quickly.

Our other piece of equipment is the Vitabeam Steril Max. This combines VQe with UV to produce a top-quality piece of technology that has many potential uses. The combination of VQe and UV means it is highly effective at sterilising food, packaging, equipment and more.