Horticulture Old

VQe MaxStrips can be easily installed alongside traditional grow lights in protected growing and in vertical farming setups to provide incredible benefits for the plants. Not only does VQe enhance photosynthesis within the plants, improving plant health, growth and yield, it also kills bacterial and mould pathogens to keep plants clean, safe and healthy.

VQe MaxStrips can be retrofitted easily and quickly into existing growing setups, or designed into the plans for new builds.

In internal lab trials we have seen incredible results when comparing the yield of various crop plants, including lettuce, basil, dill, tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers, when exposed to VQe from MaxStrips compared with plants that weren’t exposed to VQe. From these results, we are confident that by using VQe MaxStrips, a grower can increase their yield by at least 7%, with our lab trials showing an increase of up to 25% may be possible with some crops.

Growers can expect to see a ROI within 1 to 3 grows, and with a 5 year warranty on all Vitabeam VQe MaxStrips are an extremely worthwhile investment.