What We Offer

Higher Standards of Food Safety, Floral Shelf Life and Improved Health Security for Your Business

This is Vitabeam® VQe® and what we do

Vitabeam® science products offer our customers the ability to achieve higher standards of food safety, better fresh floral and foods and improved health security for your customers.

To accomplish this, businesses and individuals can purchase our proven science, incorporated into devices that are cost-effective, straight forward in what they do, and easy to install and their operation is automatic. Our patented and patent pending science is known as VQe® -- our healthy, radiant energy technology that is based on unique combinations of components found in sunlight.

Vitabeam’s safe science continually delivers (24 x 7) greater food safety, floral shelf life and a higher standard for health security by:

  • Helping destroy bacteria like E. Coli and Listeria quickly
  • Better safeguarding your customer’s health by decreasing the burden of foodborne illness
  • Protecting your brand and investments
  • Raising crop yields for growers by accelerating plant growth and diminishing plant disease
  • Lowering food and floral waste for processors and retailers which increases bottom line profits
  • Extending shelf life of fresh product with safe, healthy radiant energy light
  • Reducing product shrinkage in produce, seafood and red meats
  • Adding value, shelf life and safety to your products
  • Supplying a healthier, fresher and safer product to your customer
  • Enhancing your company’s image and brand recognition for freshness and safety
  • Making your business a destination for freshness
  • Renewing the excitement for fresh food and floral marketing
  • Through cooperative advertising, building your customer’s confidence in your business
  • Attracting many new health and safety conscious shoppers, increasing loyalty
  • Offering new methods and devices for sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing areas, spaces, surfaces and items as well as to sanitize human skin
  • Delivering something definitive that your customer will notice and value
  • Making this cost-effective system that helps destroy bacteria and fungi available (e.g.: for pennies a day, your seafood case is deodorized and virtually bacteria free and/or your refrigerated produce cases deliver reduced shrinkage, with reduced operating costs)
  • Making the system easy to retrofit most four foot fixtures or sections
  • Saving on energy costs because LED light components save up to 65% on energy vs fluorescents
  • Savings on energy costs because it makes fresh foods safer with less refrigeration required

Nutritionally Superior and Safer Fresh Food

Vitabeam’s science or VQe® is safe for humans, plants and animals. It is healthy, radiant energy.

We love our science and technology, thus our goal is to incorporate VQe® into daily life to greatly improve food safety and enhance health security, in every environment. To this end, our current science products are designed to help achieve nutritionally better, safer food and to address the limited shelf life problems of fresh produce, cut flowers and other perishable items like meat and seafood.

To accomplish this, you must understand that the VQe® components work in tandem in two distinctly different ways to make fresh food safer.

On one hand, the unique combination of our VQe® wavelength components promote natural processes, like photosynthesis in plants and flowers already harvested, thereby adding extra shelf-life to them. And at the same time, this same VQe® combination is deadly to bacteria like E. Coli, Listeria and fungus like Botrytis; all of which are trying to live off our food sources! This dual action of VQe® provides greater food safety and even longer extended life for the fresh food products.

Outstanding Financial Paybacks and Returns on Investment from Our Science Products

The Vitabeam team will show you how you can install this safe science in your business through very cost-effective programs.

In Michigan, a test store against a control store comparative 8 week test at a quality retail grocery chain delivered significant fresh produce shrinkage reduction results after utilizing an installed VQe® device system. The financial payback for our system on this test was under ten (10) months. The realized ROI will be over 600% at the end of the warranted 5 year life of our science product.

Vitabeam Offers VQe® System Design and Engineering

Professional evaluation, design and engineering services are available to assist your efforts to safeguard against fresh food spoilage and/or bacterial and fungal contamination. These services include site inspection and assessment, design for retrofit or new construction, engineering, installation, ongoing energy savings measurement and verification, as well as contracted maintenance and servicing. Vitabeam is ready to work closely with your approved electrical contractors.

Vitabeam Offers Systems Automation

The VQe® science products are available with an optional automated controller system. These systems are compatible with most existing systems and can be accessed remotely for programming, monitoring, information, data and management.

Vitabeam® Offers Much More than Real Dollar Savings

We can easily point to Vitabeam’s real cost savings, rapid paybacks on invested dollars, huge Returns on Investment over the guaranteed life of our science products, extended shelf life of fresh foods, and increased protection from ever-present microbes. These all lead to the tangible value of Vitabeam’s VQe Food Safety System.

Even though these tangible values are significant, we contend that the intangible values of Vitabeam are as significant. So what are these intangible value propositions?

  • Peace of Mind: Vitabeam customers know their product is safer = Big Value.
  • Confidence: Vitabeam protected products can be displayed/marketed with pride = Big Value.
  • Image Builder: Protecting consumers with Vitabeam science can show your concern for the customer’s welfare and health, building your improved image = Big Value.
  • Fresher and Longer Lasting Foods: This advantage will be valued by your customer and seen as an added benefit to create an even bigger value and greater loyalty and customer returns.
  • Promotion: Vitabeam gives any business a chance to set itself apart and promote the service that the business is providing – safer, fresher food = Big Value.
  • Liability Reduction: Risk is reduced, recalls are minimized = Big Value.
  • Seafood odor is neutralized: This is highly valued by customers and associates, indicating quality.
  • Quality Reputation: Vitabeam protected products are synonymous with improved quality = Big Value.
  • Changes Customer Focus: Because of these intangibles, your customer will focus on safety and quality, not just price = Huge Value.
  • Customer Perception: With Vitabeam installed, your customer will know they are getting something extra = Huge Value.