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Vitabeam's Role In Food Safety and Extending Fresh Food and Floral Product Shelf Life

Vitabeam® is a cutting-edge, science and technology company

We feature patented and patent pending, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED devices that deliver our science accurately and uniquely. Our science and devices are multi-functional in one package.; They extend the shelf life of produce and floral by reducing spoilage and ensuring a healthy, safer, fresher product for the consumer (Retail Supermarkets) or the boosted, pathogen free growth of produce by growers (Agriculture and Horticulture).

We have developed devices of major importance for 1) retail supermarkets and food service and 2) commercial horticulture and agriculture. We have launched our branding with ‘Vitabeam’®, ‘VQe’® and ‘VQe® Active’.

Our scientific discoveries have been developed into proprietary combinations of radiant energy that resemble the sun’s light at specific wavelengths. Our technologies, based on our healthy and safe light wavelength combinations, benefit three global major markets.

Vitabeam offers cost-effective, straight-forward solutions to urgent, destructive, very costly and sometimes life-threatening sickness problems caused by harmful pathogens that affect millions of people around the world every single day.

This is Food Safety.

Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. In considering industry to market practices, food safety considerations include the origins of food including the practices relating to food hygiene, food additives, and pesticide and herbicide residues. In considering market to consumer practices, the benchmark is that food ought to be safe in the market and the concern is safe delivery and preparation of the food for the consumer.

Fresh food can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

By including Vitabeam science in everyday practices, food safety can increase the probability that food will be beneficial for human consumption while lessening the chances of adverse reactions or sickness caused by the products we eat because of contamination by bacteria.

Finding ways to dramatically improve food safety is a primary directive at Vitabeam Limited.

Who benefits from improved Food Safety?

Everyone will benefit. The confidence that food is safer promotes peace of mind and adds to everyone’s “happiness quotient”.

With Vitabeam science devices installed in your business locations:
    • People who handle food will have a safer job.
    • Those who transport food will have less stress.
    • The merchants that sell food will have more shelf life and confidence in the products they market.
    • Growers of fresh food will have less liability and therefore less cost of production with more salable product and yields.
    • Food processors will have reduced liability.
    • Everyone in the food chain mentioned above will have an improved image and products of more value because the incidence of product recalls for safety purposes will be greatly reduced.

Why is Food Safety such a hot topic?

It affects everyone because we all eat, so it is a universal topic. It stimulates fear, one of the strongest motivators known. It sells in the press and makes people feel good when they are not affected. We are learning more and more about food safety and spreading that knowledge in the Information Age we live in.

Since our bodies basically take in only three things (air, water and food), one or all of these intakes will cause many of the diseases we know.

Could this trend change? It is very unlikely. Vitabeam is positioned specifically and provides an exceptional solution for all to benefit from fresher safer food.

How does Vitabeam improve Food Safety?

The Vitabeam VQe™ healthy, radiant energy lighting system delivers patented and patent pending safe wavelength components of sunlight via LED emitters which aid plants in their photosynthesis process and simultaneously destroy harmful microbes like bacteria and fungi. This dual action process improves any company’s food safety standards as it adds extended fresh product life and protects fresh foods like produce, floral, red meats, seafood and deli from microbial attack. This is important because we all know that the microbes not only spoil the fresh food faster but they are also the cause for many food borne illnesses.

What can we all do to improve Food Safety in a completely safe manner?

We can incorporate Vitabeam science into our daily lives. We can expect our retailers to have it installed at their places of business to provide us with a safer, healthier shopping experience. We can now expect that all grocers, foodservice operators and fresh packaged food resellers minimize bacteria and pathogens in their operations because they are utilizing Vitabeam science devices.

We are all the final line of defense to protect ourselves and our families. We must understand that technologies like Vitabeam can significantly reduce the harmful microbes and add to the life of fresh foods to maintain their optimum nutritive value and safety. For everyone’s health security, we must educate and then urge our grocers and other sellers of fresh food products to install the Vitabeam Food Safety System for fresher, safer foods.

More specific for growers, food safety is a must. They have the burden of producing salable and safe products and have the liability if they do not succeed. Being unsafe destroys brand identity. Improving product quality, safety or yield of salable product is also an enormous benefit for growers. Vitabeam can do all three and this reality becomes the basis for improved product image and value….all the way down the food chain.

And just as important for Fresh Food Processing, these producers have their products go directly to the stomachs of their customers. They need food safety the most and will be willing to pay more to get it. Because of their value-added marketing, they are usually allowed a higher profit percentage than other food distributors. This is what fuels their ability to pay. They have the highest percent of liability occurrences. Because of this primary fact, they can get the greatest benefit from marketing safety. Vitabeam is confident that we can engineer appropriate bacteria fighting solutions to production needs. Food processors tout convenience. Vitabeam believe they would love to tout elevated safety for their products also.

For both growers and food processors, with continuous bacteria reduction, the tight refrigeration chain necessary to maintain quality could be amended, producing operational cost reductions. There are also products that can be brought to market with Vitabeam that were not able to get there safely in the past providing added opportunities for variety offerings and new revenue streams. Food safety is not just a value for grocers and food processors, it is a basic requirement needed to stay in business.
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