Company Overview

Who we are and what we do

This is Vitabeam® the company

Vitabeam Limited is a London based cutting-edge, global science and technology company. The Company is the holder of patented and patent pending science featuring state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED technologies that deliver light accurately and in an entirely new way.

We have created and are applying a World First Science by beaming proprietary light energy to simultaneously kill pathogens (bacteria and mold) and stimulate photosynthetic growth, increasing yield and reducing food and floral wastage.

We have branded our technologies VQe® (Vitabeam Quantum Energy, VQe Energy, VQe Active). VQe is a combination of select wavelengths that are a part of the sunlight spectrum. VQe is a proprietary cocktail of Non-UV safe light energy that we call “The Missing Wavelengths of Safe Light" that all Grow Lights lack.

Our discovery encompasses proprietary combinations of light wavelengths that will truly disrupt not one, but several industries. Our proven technologies are cost-effective, straight-forward solutions to pressing, very costly, and sometimes life-threatening problems that affect millions of people around the world every day.