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Our Philosophy

Without light, there would be no life on Earth as we know it. All human cells and almost every form of life on Earth demand sunlight as their source of renewable energy. We know that delivering light accurately while utilizing our proprietary combinations of safe wavelengths will significantly reduce harmful microbes and promote photosynthesis at the same time. We believe that these proven results will deliver superior Food Safety and heightened Health Security. We will deliver our science through our devices to everyone in order to make living today safer.

"Our passion is to deliver safer, healthier food to the consumer in a safer living environment”

Our Discovery

Vitabeam Limited is building a dynamic business founded on its proprietary science a World First Science. This high-value science has been established and expanded over the past 25+ years through a series of important discoveries and knowledge validations by its founder, Vladimir Vasilenko, Ph.D. These discoveries all involve unique combinations of safe wavelengths of light that accomplish a wide range of beneficial goals. Our science is safe for humans, plants and animals. Vitabeam® has trademarked these discoveries as VQe and VQe® Active -- our Healthy Radiant Energy technology. These specific VQe® combinations have been documented and are now proven formulas that Vitabeam® utilizes to deliver greater Food Safety by extending product life of vegetables, fruits, flowers, meats and seafood. We do this through the dual action balance of Vitabeam’s science. The interesting nature of the VQe™ natural components found in sunlight are that they work in tandem in two distinctly different ways to make fresh food safer.

Action One: our light formulas stimulate the photosynthesis receptors of the plant to keep it living longer after harvest. Because the plant is now ‘thinking’ it is alive, it can maintain its natural process, maintain its natural defenses against microbe attack and continue to retain its all-important nutrients – a huge benefit for us the consumer!

  • This added shelf-life time expands the freshness timetable, which enhances the nutritive value of the food.
  • Longer shelf-life in food means less waste of food.

Action Two: is even more dramatic. The same Vitabeam® technology that extends the life of the plant post-harvest stops the functioning of bacteria and limits the growth of fungi. Bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria are eliminated because they can no longer absorb the food they need to live. In just a few minutes more than 99% are dysfunctional and die.

  • This means that the fresh food is no longer a vehicle transferring harmful bacteria into our bodies.
  • With the bacteria gone, the food remains fresher even longer and even allows for somewhat higher storage temperatures.
  • The Vitabeam light is a two-edged dagger for microbe reduction – it strengthens the plant and destroys the microbes at the same time.

Vitabeam® Is A Partner That Your Business Needs

Vitabeam® is a science and technology company with proprietary technologies

Our high-value science provides safe, positive outcomes and solutions for you to:

  • protect your brands and investments
  • continuously help destroy pathogens
  • better safeguard your customers' health
  • improve the safety of your products
  • supply a healthier, fresher and safer product to your customer

Vitabeam® is utilizing proprietary and specific LED lighting technologies as our delivery vehicle.

Vitabeam delivers something unique and definitive that your customers will notice and value.

Our End Result is Greater Food Safety

Vitabeam® is delivering healthier, safer, longer lasting, fresher food (to include flowers and organic products).

How? Through VQe® or Healthy Radiant Energy technology.

  • VQe® destroys almost all bacteria and fungi quickly.
  • VQe® promotes natural processes within the produce (even after harvest), keeping its natural nutritional content and helping retain this key element for a much longer period of time.

The Result

  • With this balanced combination of natural processes taking place simultaneously, our Vitabeam® science creates significant benefits for the consumer.
  • This new level of Greater Food Safety in turn is a major benefit to the retailer, which you can pro-actively market.
Safe formulas for humans, plants and animals
  • The proprietary array of wavelength components that Vitabeam employs in its formulas encompasses the safe natural wavelengths in our sunlight.
  • Harmful ultraviolet (UV) components are not used where humans can be exposed and is only utilized in one highly specialized and controlled device.